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About Colombia

Our network partner

  • In April 2008, FCM Travel Solutions partnered with Panturismo.
  • For more than 57 years, Panturismo has been at the forefront of the Colombian travel industry in the design of innovative travel solutions and tour plans.
  • It has the infrastructure and technology to provide a complete consultancy, and partners with major reservation systems worldwide.
  • The company has built long-term, awarded relationships with leading airlines and hotel chains.
  • The company is recognised as a local leader in travel management, with in-depth knowledge of the Colombian travel and corporate market.
  • In November 2010 FCM Colombia established a local joint venture With organisation Aviatur to provide additional services to clients.

Local services

FCm Colombia offers an extensive range of corporate travel and expense management services including:

  • Travel reservations - flights, hotel, rail, insurance, car rental and transfers
  • Multiple options for best fare on all itineraries
  • Company and personal travel profiles
  • Travel policy development and compliance
  • 24/7 emergency support and traveller security
  • Dedicated and customised account management
  • Enhanced management information reporting and analysis
  • Executive leisure
  • VIP travel
  • Dedicated meeting, incentive, conference and event services
  • Self-booking tools
  • Access to FCM’s Global Hotel Program